President's Word

       Dear Friends,

    Let me introduce to you the Swiss watch brand Taller. I've devoted my life to watchmaking; I've been working in the watch industry for more than 40 years. Fifteen years ago, I founded my own company specializing in private label watch manufacturing. The idea of creating the perfect watch and establishing my own brand – Taller – arose a few years ago. I've passionately devoted myself to the brand's development and put all my many years of experience, knowledge, and my desire to make the perfect Taller watches. Watches are my profession and my life. I love the precision and I take delight in perfectly executed work.
    People all over the world appreciate Swiss watches for their reliability, high quality, precision, prestige… I believe that the Taller brand perfectly combines all these qualities. The 14K Gold Taller logo on the dial – the distinctive mark of the Taller brand – emphasizes that this watch meets the gold standards of Swiss watchmaking.
    I would like to express my respect and appreciation to our dear customers and to give them the unique feeling of owning the best. Taller watches have been created to brighten the best moments of your life and to be your trusted companion for many years.
You deserve the perfect watch!

 Yours faithfully,
Jean-Claude Racine, President of the Board
  SwissWatch Trading Co. Ltd.